Goodkin provides its clients with market intelligence that measures demand

About Goodkin Real Estate Consulting

Over Four Decades of Experience in Real Estate Investment Analysis

Goodkin Consulting has served the commercial real estate market, financial and public sectors since the 1950s, providing creative ideas, critical analysis and profitable solutions in all aspects of the decision-making process.

We have conducted studies in more than 40 states, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, ranging from small luxury townhouse developments to commercial and hospitality projects, as well as large-scale planned communities. Our clients range from Florida’s most successful residential developers to municipal governments, redevelopment agencies, and the largest multi-use development companies in North America.


Our professional staff members have applied their combined skills to the widest possible range of real estate investment analysis opportunities throughout the United States and abroad, including:

  • Residential products (single family, multi-family)
  • Mixed-use centers
  • Urban and suburban town centers
  • Second-cycle redevelopment projects
  • Public-sector projects and public-private partnerships
  • Retirement, pre-retirement and other adult housing
  • Retail centers, including rehabs and conversions
  • Entertainment-oriented centers
  • Hospitality and resort properties
  • Office projects and buildings
  • Industrial parks and buildings
  • Financial analysis (land, new communities and PUDs)

We provide our clients with real estate market intelligence that measures demand, evaluates competition, and defines the target market segments. In turn, we translate this information into a recommended plan of action with highly specific suggestions designed to maximize market success.

Our senior professionals have worked with an extensive array of private- and public-sector clients, including developers, merchant builders, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, public agencies, municipal governments, real estate owners, private investors, and Wall Street firms, including investment-banking operations.

In addition, our Real Estate Advisors have testified as expert witnesses in major cases involving feasibility studies, marketability studies, property values and eminent domain. Our firm’s extensive network of contracts in the real estate and financial communities has enabled clients to develop mutually beneficial business and financial relationships.

To enhance our resources and provide additional advisory services to clients, Goodkin Consulting has a joint services alliance with the Strategic Development Planning Group of URS Corporation (NYSE: URS), one of the world’s largest engineering design firms. URS specializes in economic development and market strategies for large developers, local governments and public/private ventures with integrated project services from front-end planning to final construction. Headquartered in San Francisco, URS operates in more than 20 countries with approximately 27,000 employees.